01 October 2022

Gorey vibes

 Love this one -- it's well-preserved with crisp details and very striking. The simplicity and scale of the design makes it stand out even as a thumbnail, and it feels somehow more modern than its neighbors. It gives me Edward Gorey vibes -- and I'm not the only one!

The Memory
an officer in the late
Mafsa Line of the
Continental Army

obit 20th Augst.
Ano. AEt. 24.

To this fad fhrine who ere thou are draw near
Here lies the Friend moft lov'd, the Son moft dear
Who ne'er knew Joy, but Friendfhip might divide
Or gave his Father Grief but when he died.

22 September 2022

Happy autumn! (bonus post)

 Finally, autumn. Shorter days, the harvest, death -- the best time of year. I've got for you a memento mori -- a winged hourglass, this time -- crossed by a cross and a scythe.

From Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, LA, for William H. Preis. Died May 4, 1909, aged 57 years.

17 September 2022

Angels with attitude

 From Forest Hill Cemetery, New Derry, NH:

... a his-and-hers gravestone with two angels that seem unimpressed with visitors.


From the Masonic Cemetery in Chappell Hill, TX:

... a softer, happier -- dare I say dopier? -- angel.

From Pine Grove Cemetery in Brunswick, ME:

...I'm sure this is a look of quiet serenity but it gives me a side-eye vibe.


10 September 2022

Mexican-American War casualty

 From Pine Grove Cemetery, Brunswick, ME:

Moses Emery Merrill.
Capt. U.S.A. born Dec. 2, 1803: Graduated at West Point June 1826: Fell in battle, at Molino del Rey, in Mexico. Sept. 8, 1847. son of Roger & Sarah Merrill.

Reverent toward God, just and generous, a brave soldier, a true Man.
Peace to his ashes.

He did apparently leave behind at least one son, who has a short Wikipedia article about him summarizing, mainly, his Civil War service.

02 September 2022

Centenarian Obelisk

 150 years ago, Jacob G. Miller, soldier of 1812, died on Sept. 2 in the 100th year of his age. Good for him!

This detail is near the base of a fairly detailed obelisk that sports an urn set in a little portico space, an anchor, some nice zig-zags, and the drapery around the mid-section has a delicate, almost lacy profile compared to the usual heavy-looking drapery we see.

This marker also commemorates:

Mary Johnson,
Wife of Jacob G. Miller,
Died April 30, 1840,
Aged 80 years.

(And coincidentally, I'm drafting this post on April 30, 2022 - the 182nd anniversary of her death day.)