01 April 2023

Grave garden (April Fool's cemetery)


Taken at not a cemetery but the Antique Rose Emporium.

Here, resting in pieces the broken pottery of flower pots. The markers, you'll notice, are uniquely crafted from shovel heads.

17 March 2023

For St. Patrick's Day

 This monument has it all: torches, a Celtic cross...

...biographic details...
John B. Killourhy
Born May 6, 1842
at the cliffs of Moher
County Clare
Died July 9, 1904.

...an angel-harp...and so many shamrocks!

04 March 2023

A good guy* (for Women's History Month)

Vir bonus cuius benevolentia in exemplum transiit.
A good man whose benevolence has become an example.

the memory of
The liberal founder of
"Adams Female Academy,"
the First endowed Literary
Institution established in
New England for the especial
benefit of females.
Born Jan. 14, 1785
Died Aug. 10, 1822

Erected in grateful remembrance
by the Trustees of


According to the Mount Holyoke College Archives collection description:

Adams Female Academy opened in April of 1824. It was funded by a $4000 endowment from Jacob Adams in 1823. Located in Derry, New Hampshire, it was one of the first academies in New England devoted solely to the education of girls. Zilpah P. Grant (later Banister) was the first principal and Mary Lyon was her assistant. The Academy had a high reputation, attracting students from all over New England. The school remained open until 1886, then it was merged into the co-educational Derry School system in 1887.

The collection scope of New Hampshire Historical Society's collection of Adams' estate papers notes:

Without family or heirs, Adams left approximately four thousand dollars for the founding of the Adams Female Academy in Derry, NH.





*with the natural caveat being, of course, that I know nothing about the guy's character, etc. Still, education for girls! Great!

24 November 2022

Unthanksgiving Day

 In honor of the Thanksgiving mythology (emphasis on the myth), the grave of Joc-O-Sot: The Walking Bear, a distinguished Sauk Chief, 1810-1844.

  • Portrait
    • "In June 1844, Joc-O-Sot was received in audience by Queen Victoria. Very much impressed by Joc-O-Sot, the queen commissioned a portrait of him by her royal lithographers, Day and Hague." - per Case Western biography 
  • Wikipedia for Joc-O-Sot 
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer 1844 clipping

05 November 2022

At home

A couple cozy, homey scenes.

From Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans:

You know she's wearing a cardigan because the pocket is sagging with the weight of whatever's in there. Lovely details.

Bottinelli matriarch

From Mt. Hope Cemetery in Vermont:

A couple going to bed for their eternal rest. "Set me as a seal upon thine heart for love is strong as death." - Song of Songs, 8:6.