30 April 2022

Back from the dead

 If you can't let a cemetery blog die -- and then resurrect -- then no blog can.

I was honestly a bit surprised at just how much time had passed, since this ol' thing is never far from my thoughts, and not just at domain renewal time! Still I travel and still I visit cemeteries, so I've got all kinds of photos stored up. (I even got to the famous Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT, the granite capital of the world, in the interim, which is so artful and ingenious it's like shooting fish in a barrel locating cool monuments. Bucket list item, check.)

So, in the spirit of resurrection and life after death, some photos from Hempstead Cemetery, Hempstead, TX, that, were this a different kind of blog, would be spooOooooky and clearly ghosts.

Spoilers: it's not ghosts.