05 December 2009

Symbols 1

There's a rich assortment of symbols in graveyards, generally relating to the end of life. This is just a small batch of pictures; others will follow eventually.

From Middleville Cemetery in Middleville, NY:

From two faces of one obelisk, a broken chain and a bundle of wheat with a sickle:

This elegant obelisk sports an upside-down torch:

From Jamesville Walnut Grove Cemetery in Jamesville, NY:

Another obelisk, another sheaf of wheat with a sickle:

A long-view of the obelisk's point with its detailed drapery and tassels:

This headstone is modeled after a simple door with carved surround:

From DeWitt Cemetery in DeWitt, NY:

The epitaph reads simply "Our little infant" and depicts a hand releasing a dove into the air.

From Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, NY:

This sort-of crest was actually carved on the back of the headstone and, as you can see from the picture, close to the ground-- not a prominent decoration at all.