24 November 2022

Unthanksgiving Day

 In honor of the Thanksgiving mythology (emphasis on the myth), the grave of Joc-O-Sot: The Walking Bear, a distinguished Sauk Chief, 1810-1844.

  • Portrait
    • "In June 1844, Joc-O-Sot was received in audience by Queen Victoria. Very much impressed by Joc-O-Sot, the queen commissioned a portrait of him by her royal lithographers, Day and Hague." - per Case Western biography 
  • Wikipedia for Joc-O-Sot 
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer 1844 clipping

05 November 2022

At home

A couple cozy, homey scenes.

From Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans:

You know she's wearing a cardigan because the pocket is sagging with the weight of whatever's in there. Lovely details.

Bottinelli matriarch

From Mt. Hope Cemetery in Vermont:

A couple going to bed for their eternal rest. "Set me as a seal upon thine heart for love is strong as death." - Song of Songs, 8:6.