22 September 2010

Autumn Equinox

Another hour-ish from now is the official mark of the 2010 Autumnal Equinox. Since I love autumn, here are some cemetery landscapes that feature fall color:

From Oakwood:

Also notice the epitaph across the bottom: Our Forest Home
From Forest Lawn:

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Like a rock

From Oakwood Cemetery, some boulder-esque headstones that take it one step farther as big hunks of rose quartz.

There's a third headstone of this nature that I know of, and the smallest, located sort of near the Salisbury one, but I figured these two were representative enough to do without it.

"Walk like an..."

This post covers a couple of monuments with Egyptian motifs I have come across.

From Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA:

A dramatic arch...

And from Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, NY:

A more subtle mausoleum...


Sadly, there's also a lovely example in Buffalo's Forest Lawn Cemetery, but my visit there was not very long, and I'm unlikely to be in that end of the state again anytime soon, if ever. Check out other people's photos of the Gilbert Memorial Sphinx here or here.