31 October 2022

Happy death day to Hannah Emmons (Halloween bonus post)


Here lyes ye Body of Thomas
Emmons who Died May 24
1731 in ye 29th Year of His Age.

Alfo Here lyes ye Body of
Hannah Emmons Wife to Thos.
Emmons Who Died Octobr. 31
17[29 in ye 21st Year] of her Age

Bit of a bummer for Hannah to have died before her husband only to receive second billing on their gravestone and to be only named once while her husband is named twice in full! However, fantastic handwriting and fierce winged skulls.

01 October 2022

Gorey vibes

 Love this one -- it's well-preserved with crisp details and very striking. The simplicity and scale of the design makes it stand out even as a thumbnail, and it feels somehow more modern than its neighbors. It gives me Edward Gorey vibes -- and I'm not the only one!

The Memory
an officer in the late
Mafsa Line of the
Continental Army

obit 20th Augst.
Ano. AEt. 24.

To this fad fhrine who ere thou are draw near
Here lies the Friend moft lov'd, the Son moft dear
Who ne'er knew Joy, but Friendfhip might divide
Or gave his Father Grief but when he died.