19 November 2010

Last Will & Testament

From South Onondaga Cemetery:

A headstone, otherwise ordinary, crammed chock-full of biographic detail on the front...

Born in Ashford, Conn.
A teacher of youth at the age of eighteen,
Inspector and Commissioner of schools,
Justice of the Peace for 30 years,
Supervisor, Associate Justice,
Member of the N.Y.S. Assembly,
and 40 (?) years a zealous(?)
[advoc?]ate of temperance
....conscientious, Christian life.

...and on the back, a passage that reads straight out of a will:

I give and bequeath to the Trustees of the M. E. Society of South Onondaga in Trust, Five Hundred dollars to be kept by them at interest secured by Bond and Mortgage, or in a Savings Bank -- the interest of the same to be appropriated [...] and improvement of the South Onondaga Cemetery [...]

16 November 2010

Water, water

From Fairview Cemetery, city: uncertain. Possibly Ovid? I think I passed it on the way to Sheldrake Point Winery...Anyway:

 Waterman Thomas, quite the name.

13 November 2010

Matched Set 3

From Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Syracuse:

Each member of the family buried here with his or her own sprig of plant-life.

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11 November 2010


Since Veteran's Day has is its origins with the conclusion of World War 1, here are a few graves of men who died overseas for that war.

From Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Syracuse:

Wilfred Wickliffe Porter Jr
1st Lieut. Co B 305th MGB USA
Feb 23 1888 - Aug 20 1918
"In France"

Harold Greene Porter MD
Lieut (jg) Medical Corps USNRF
US Naval Hospital Chelsea Mass
Aug 20 1893 - Sept 10 1918

From Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse:

 Leonard A. Smith
1897 - 1918
1st. Class Private
Co. C. 106th N.Y. Inf. 27th Div.
Died in France

Edward M. Casey
Born March 21st 1894
Machine Gun Co. 30th Infantry
Killed in action October 19, 1918
Meuse-Argonne Offensive, France

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10 November 2010

Top 10 Unusual Cemeteries

From TopTenz.net, a list of 10 unusual cemeteries. (via Neatorama) My favorite is the underwater "cemetery" at #5:

The Neptune Memorial Reef (also known as the Atlantis Memorial Reef or the Atlantis Reef) is the world’s first underwater mausoleum for cremated remains and the world’s largest man-made reef. Opened in 2007, off the coast of Miami Beach, the Neptune Memorial Reef is the perfect final resting place for those who loved the sea.

09 November 2010


From Woodlawn Cemetery, Syracuse:

My Woman and My Man, beloved wife/husband, mother/father, and grandmother/grandfather.

06 November 2010

Oops, one more

I noticed after I posted yesterday that there was one more urn-centric monument from Oakland Cemetery that I could have posted, so here it is today.

Of note:
  • Greek style of the urn
  • Dr. James Reese McKeldin, Ph.D. (seems a little redundant to me to state both Dr. and Ph.D. titles-- I wonder in what? He was obviously proud of it.)
  • Bessie McKeldin Clark somehow died in Mexico

05 November 2010


So, my month of constant updates has concluded, more or less successfully (yay!). Back to your irregularly scheduled (but hopefully frequent) programming.

From Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta:

Three large metal-cast and green-patina'd urns. Piled with cloth:

A pair in front of a Gothic-styled mausoleum:

And sitting elegantly under a portico, bookended by benches.

Some scale for the last one: