27 April 2010

Sad Stone Ladies

Perhaps I should make it a goal to find male statuary mourning in a cemetery or brandishing crosses. I know emotional expression is more traditionally associated with femininity, but really.

From Forest Hill Cemetery:
The base of this statue appeared in this post for its epitaph.
A side view:

From Woodlawn Cemetery:

Some added some silk flowers to this statue's clasped hands, which I think was a nice touch.

A quartet of symbolic ladies on a monumental headstone:
Details of each...
Faith & Hope


18 April 2010

Even More Shapes

A fresh batch of pointy, shapely geometric-shaped headstones.

From Forest Hill Cemetery:

From North Syracuse Cemetery:

From Woodlawn Cemetery:

From Middleville Cemetery:

11 April 2010


A pair of statues, each lacking its head.

From Oakwood Cemetery:

I rather like this one. It seems almost...natural that she's headless; or at least, it doesn't detract much from the overall statue.

Daughter of Oliver T. and Rebecca J.
Left us Feb. 17, 1872,
in the 19th year of her life.
-Born June 7, 1853-

From St. Agnes Cemetery:

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06 April 2010

Architectural Elements

From Oakwood Cemetery,
...a gravestone made to look like a section of wall, complete with Gothic arched window, being reclaimed by nature:

From Forest Hill Cemetery,
...a massive and impressive obelisk/tower that even has buttresses:

From Rome Cemetery,
...a wee, square house/building detailed into the top of an obelisk:

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02 April 2010

A few more names

As the titles say. One X, one vintage virtue-filled, and two nouns.

From Assumption Cemetery, Syracuse, NY, Frick:
Scrubs, Elliot, fricking frick.

From North Syracuse Cemetery, Lake Merritt:
Very geographic.

From Rome Cemetery, Xury Wells:
There's a prevalent lack of X-word names in the world.

From Forest Hill Cemetery, Trueworthy G. Wood...
...and Orange Vebber.