13 July 2012


So, obviously, for anyone who visits here at all deliberately and not just wandering in from a Google search, it's been about half an entire year since I last posted, in which I even promised I'd totally do better at this thing. Yeah.

Busy? Not really. I've just experienced a loss of will. I think about this blog a lot and feel guilty for not maintaining it, but honestly I have some negative associations with this whole thing and I haven't gotten past that yet. Stuff happened since I began it, and other stuff didn't happen, and so on. I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to drop it altogether, but at the same time, I obviously don't want to maintain it, either.

At the very least, instead of a wishy-washy overly optimistic hope for the future, here's a note leaving a realistically pessimistic hiatus-style message.

(Gravestone from Utica, NY, Forest Hill Cemetery)