28 February 2011

A nifty tree

From Gibson Chapel Rural Cemetery in Cortland, NY, comes this neat tree that reminded me of a candelabra with the way the branches kind of go out and then up:

24 February 2011

Another mishmash

From Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA:

A funky and lovely mausoleum using three or four kinds/colors of stone topped off with a pyramid.

19 February 2011

Take heart

From Granary Burial Ground, Boston, MA:

Like a gothy Valentine, the classic winged skull memento mori resting over a heart with some abstract swirls.

Happy I-restored-my-Picasa-tags Day.

16 February 2011

Mishmash of shapes

From Gibson Chapel Rural Cemetery, Cortland, NY:

All kinds of shapes happening on this monument...rounded columns, square posts, little onion domes, the raised bit on top...

14 February 2011

Victory over laptop

Computer is functioning again; next step is to get all my Picasa tags back, because otherwise I'll have the huge task of going back over all my photos and tagging them + noting which have already been posted. Jeeze.

In the meantime, here's a gorgeous mosaic headstone (looks like a stylized menorah) from a small Jewish cemetery just outside downtown Houston: