09 August 2010

Things Fall Apart

Various scenes of damage and decay from cemeteries (obviously far from exhaustive, considering the sheer number of worn-out or crumbled markers out there). I'm also testing out the "caption" feature on the pictures that did not used to be there.

From Rome Cemetery, Rome, NY:

Once a (presumably) lamb, now beheaded, though the base outline remains.

From Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY:

Not so much damage, but those stones are definitely being shoved around by that tree.
Obviously very pretty once, but now it's all worn down.

From Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, NY:

A massive tree tipped over, though it seems to have missed just about every headstone in the area.
Just to try to show some scale.

Once a big, stout obelisk now lies in 4 pieces.
The top of this obelisk has rather neatly rotated about 45 degrees.

Half-hidden and headless
Another felled obelisk.
And my favorite, with double damage: the statue has lost her head and the arch has lost its urn.

Heavy on Oakwood only because it's large and close and I've walked it the most of any of these. This post is also not meant to be commentary on my lack of updates this summer. :)

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