19 November 2010

Last Will & Testament

From South Onondaga Cemetery:

A headstone, otherwise ordinary, crammed chock-full of biographic detail on the front...

Born in Ashford, Conn.
A teacher of youth at the age of eighteen,
Inspector and Commissioner of schools,
Justice of the Peace for 30 years,
Supervisor, Associate Justice,
Member of the N.Y.S. Assembly,
and 40 (?) years a zealous(?)
[advoc?]ate of temperance
....conscientious, Christian life.

...and on the back, a passage that reads straight out of a will:

I give and bequeath to the Trustees of the M. E. Society of South Onondaga in Trust, Five Hundred dollars to be kept by them at interest secured by Bond and Mortgage, or in a Savings Bank -- the interest of the same to be appropriated [...] and improvement of the South Onondaga Cemetery [...]

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