08 March 2011

Epitaph extravaganza

100th post, right here.

From Liverpool Cemetery, Liverpool, NY:

Loves last token

From South Onondaga Cemetery, Syracuse, NY area:

 Arthur S. 1885-1908

A precious one from
us has gone
The voice beloved
is stilled
A place is vacant
in our home
which never can
be filled.

Of life the tiresom [sic] journey's past.
We drop into the tomb at last:
Great Inn; where all our sorrows cease
And kings & peasants rest in peace.

Afflictions so
Long time I bore

Physicians were in vain
Till God was pleas'd
To give me ease,
And free me from
my pain.

From Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA:

Annie Lowry Porter
Born Feb. 13, 1873; Died Nov. 15, 1874

Fannie Lowry Porter
Born Nov. 5, 1877; Died May 11, 1879

They were little sunbeams
That shone upon our way;
And cheered us but a moment
Ere they passed away.

Samuel Davis Haslett McDaniel
May 15, 1896
Sept. 14, 1983
A lover of people. A fighter to the end. God be with him til we meet again.

From Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY:


George W. Aldridge
Born December 28, 1856
Died while serving the United States
as Collector of the Port of New York
June 13, 1922

On the reverse:
An expression of sorrow and farewell
to a great leader and a true friend

From Rome Cemetery, Rome, NY:

"Even for the dead I will not bind
My soul to grief, death cannot long divide,
For is it not as if the rose that climbed
My garden wall had bloomed the other side?"

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