14 January 2012

A Return to Normalcy

Well, it has certainly been a very long time since I last updated. Life happened. The real kicker was my computer messing up again, though not quite as badly as before, and in any event I wound up buying and installing a brand new hard drive. After that, along with other things, I just kind of completely lost heart in doing this blog. It was only a couple weeks ago that I even reinstalled Picasa, my program of choice for keeping track of my images.

In any event, I have not forgotten about this site, nor am I willing to completely cease updates (contrary to the evidence of the past few months). There will be updates forthcoming.

In other news, I was just reviewing my past entries when I noticed a detail I had missed on one of my last pre-hiatus entries (here).

Look closely where the curtain has been pulled back.
Oh god, it's hands! Well, fingers, really. Dainty little fingers that I assume are supposed to belong to Mrs. Catherine Watrous and positioned as if she were actually standing inside the crypt pushing back the curtains herself.

For some reason it makes me think of the eerie painting "The Hands Resist Him."

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