28 May 2022

Something old, something new

 From Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT, where interesting graves are so plentiful it feels like cheating, pyramids (classic) and digital markers (new)!

The four faces of the pyramid are numbered, and side 1 for each provides the names as thus:

If you met Daniel Morrell Vrooman (9-6-1938)/ Jane Elinor Vrooman (3-11-38) and forgot him/her, you have lost nothing: but if you met Jesus Christ and forgot him, and you have lost everything.

We care so much for you that we left this message of hope. Read Dan's stone 2-4, read Jane's stone 2-4 to access the memory medallions. For more information, contact the cemetery office.

The metal cover swivels to reveal a QR code.

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