30 July 2022

Run-over Parentheses (and bonus typo)

From the Old South Burying Ground in Connecticut:

When the epitaph runs longer than the stone is wide... A consistent little stylistic touch on several stones to mark where a dangling line belonged to the previous.

In memory of Maj. Tubal Case. who died Jan. 7th 1822, in the 59th Year of his age. 

Come hither mortals turn ( thine eye, / Then go thy way prepare ( to die, / Consider then that die you ( must, / One day like me return to dust.

His name does indeed seem to have been Tubal. The first round of searching for "Major Tubal Case" is... decidedly gynecological. He pops up on some ancestry sites, though, and is listed among Continental Army soldiers in this History of Tolland County. (There are some other amazing names in there, too: Amaziah, Jabez, Eliphalet, Eleazer... Seems like there used to be a lot more male names starting with E in circulation back in the day.)

Mrs. Rube Brewfter wife of Mr. Jeffe Brewfter died Nov. 28th 1796 in ye 42d Year of her age.
All you that come with (little care / Tthat
[sic] walk away and ( leave me here / Oh dont forget that you [...]

And yes, a typo! An actually typo and not just unexpected spelling. 

Bummer -- chiseling in a whole unnecessary extra letter.

Mr. Elijah Wright died Dec. 23d 1802 in ye 73d Year of his age.  
I yield my body to the ( dust / My foul to God that gave ( it first / And at the refurrection ( day / My God will raif3 my [...]

Mrs. Temperance, wife of Mr. Elijah Wright, died April 2ed 1804 in ye 80th Year of her age. 
Great God I own the ( fentence juft / And nature muft decay. I yield my Body to the ( duft, / To dwell with fellow clay.

And from Forest Hill Cemetery in East Derry, New Hampshire,

Here lies the Body of Mrs. Mary Crifty [Cristy] (wife of Mr. Jeffe Crifty) who departed this Life Decr ye 24th 1776 Aged 79 years.

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