20 November 2009

Au Naturale

A collection of headstone pictures that were inspired by nature, with slight emphasis on the tree trunk headstone.

From Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, NY:

tree trunk headstone

tree trunk headstone

From the Jamesville Walnut Grove Cemetery in Jamesville, NY:

The simple boulder look:

tree trunk headstone

 This one is actually modeled after a log, complete with rings and a small branch stump.

log headstone

From Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY:

(Pardon the raindrops; the visit to this cemetery was somewhat interrupted by a storm and I just tried getting some pictures from the dryness of my car)

tree trunk headstone

This headstone's ornamentation is a little hard to see, but it's wrought iron grapevines set into granite.

grapevine headstone

This isn't strictly nature-derived, but I liked how the cross was made to look like a cross propped up by stones and grown over by vines.

natural cross headstone

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