28 November 2009

War & Veterans, part 1

A few war-related headstone photos. [edit: part 2 here]

From Middleville Cemetery in Middleville, NY:

Harold McGraw, Pvt, US Army, 1904-1986: this (un)lucky fellow made it through both World Wars.

Roger W. Agne, New York, Cpl 28 AAF ADRM GP World War II, April 24, 1928-April 28, 1948. The headstone is not interesting in and of itself, but notice the birth and death dates. If correct, Agne was only 20 (almost to the day) when he died three years after the end of WW2... meaning he was only 17 at that time. Enlistment age with parental consent seems to have been 17, but he would have needed at least a little time to rise to the rank of corporal, which suggests that he was one of those who lied about his age to enlist.

There were also several graves of men who had served in the War of 1812, like this one for Hopestill Bradford (also a peculiar name):

From DeWitt Cemetery in DeWitt, NY:

Ethel M. Glasford, 1st Lt US Army, World War II, May 27, 1917, Dec 19, 2005
Another plain headstone, but the rank of 1st Lieutenant accompanying a woman's name caught my eye.I tracked down her obituary and it turns out she was in the Army Nurse Corps in the Philippines at the end of WW2. (Reading her obituary also taught me that at one time, stewardesses--her prior occupation to the Nurse Corps-- were required to be RNs.)

From the Granary Burial Ground in Boston, MA:

From a precursor to an older war, the tombstone for the victims of the Boston Massacre

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