22 May 2010


Obviously in cemeteries you're going to find a fair amount of religious imagery. This is a selection of some of the nice angel statues and carvings I've come across.

From St. Agnes Cemetery:

From Forest Hill Cemetery:
I love the giant feather. Here it is in its full context, with wide benches and a quote (Until the day break and the shadows disappear):

This next ornamental sphere is probably one of my absolute favorites:

A pair of angels outside a mausoleum's entrance: (The left one isn't too clear, thanks to the angle of the light.)

From the Chappell Hill Masonic Cemetery:

A sort of medieval-looking angel sitting on...possibly a casket/tomb or perhaps just a bench.

This stone for a Minnie Gregg Sharpton has an interesting prismatic shape, a semi-crouched angel, and a medieval-esque sort of flower.

Again, sorry for the angle of the lighting casting weird shadows. This one has a large-winged angel, but what really caught my eye was the name Mamie, which was also the name of my great-grandmother.

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