22 May 2010

P.S. Angel

This one comes from the Chappell Hill Masonic Cemetery and is another of my favorites. I didn't include it in the last post because it's so rich with content aside from angel representations. The whole headstone is an obelisk: the other sides that I photographed are rather bland in their imagery but this side...

We only know that thou hast gone,
and that the same relentless tide
which bore thee from us, still glides on,
and we who mourn thee with it glide.

The deceased is laid out on a funeral boat being guided over the water by an angel lightly touching the banner marked by a cross. A small torch lights the way.

A small Star of David tucked under the curve of the bow.

The other two faces of the obelisk:

The overall obelisk itself, rather fancy with the stylized drapery and flame:

But sadly, slighted damaged on the face that bears the epitaph:
Sacred to the memory of
my beloved wife,
Mary Ann Hudgins,
Born July 3, 1828,
Died Oct. 11, 1885,
Aged 57 yrs, 3 mos, 8 days

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