30 March 2010

A few epitaphs

A few epitaphs that caught my eye.

From Oakwood Cemetery:

A French quote and an amusing name.
Belden Wigglesworth
Pendant que je restais en bas dans l'ombre noire 
d'autres montaient cueillir le baiser de la gloirie.
_ _ _Cyrano de Bergerac

It's been a few years since I've been in French, and I'm not familiar with the original work, but the quote translates to something sort of like: "While I remained in black shade others went up to gather the kiss of the glory."

From Forest Hill Cemetery:

I love the poetry of this one, though I can't be sure exactly what it means if I really think about it.
Fear not the night
Thy soul is awake
with the stars

From the Chappell Hill Masonic Cemetery:

Phillip Carey 
October 13, 1935
June 26, 2006
Georgia on my mind

Betty B. Ball
A gracious lady
Jan. 19, 1928
Mar. 7, 1985

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