27 March 2010


Ropes, anchors, ships.

From Oakwood Cemetery:


From Forest Hill Cemetery:
An interesting piece of sculpted flotsam on the ground in front of an elaborate, buttressed monument. Presumably the two were related, because I didn't see any names on this one.

Front view:

A long, flat headstone, detailed view:
Full view:
Detail view of the trio of symbols (a cross and 2 styles of anchors):
And the epitaph:
My master pilot at the helm
through his great love for me
will steer my bark with willing hands
through all the years to be.

From Chappell Hill Masonic Cemetery:

Another starred lady with hand resting on an anchor, this one appear on one face of an obelisk.

From North Syracuse Cemetery:
Love light thy way to that far distant shore

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