23 March 2010

War & Veterans, Part 2

A continuation of Part 1.

From Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NY:

Here lie the bodies
Director General of the Military Hospitals
of the United States
From Rome Cemetery, Rome, NY:

To the memory of
Capt. Samuel Perkins
who departed this life at the
U.S. Arsenal, Rome, NY
Dec. 30, 1837
in the 75 year of his age

He entered the service of his country during the War of the Revolution, when he was but 14 years old, and served till its independence was gained. He was actively engaged in the Indian Campaign of 1795, under Gen. Wayne. He also participated in, and rendered valuable services during, the late War with Great Britain. After which, retiring from active duties, he held for 18 years the station of ordnance keeper, and died in the public service. In every situation of his life was remarkably exemplified that just sentiment, --"An honest man is the noblest work of God."

This one had a small Purple Heart attached to it, though judging by its size, I'm 99% certain it's not the original. (Plus I'd be surprised if someone would leave such a thing to the elements.)

Herbert L. Armstrong
Nov. 11, 1888 Sept. 30, 1918
Co. E, 59th Inf. 4th Div U.S.A.
Killed in Action
The Argonne, France
From Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Boston, MA:
Here rests
Robert Newman
Born in Boston, Mch. 20, 1752
Died in Boston, May 26, 1804
The patriot who hung the signal lanterns
in the church tower, April 18, 1775

From the forgotten Tennessee cemetery:
Honestly, I find this one a little ironic-- a former Confederate soldier with an American flag staked at his grave.

From Woodlawn Cemetery, Syracuse, NY:
Edward A. Sherrill
US Army
World War II
Jul 13, 1923 † Mar 11, 2006
Bronze Star Medal
Purple Heart

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