12 October 2010


Unlike all the statues I have seen and posted, these are limited only to heads, each presumably modeled after the deceased's own.

From Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta:

A nice obelisk, somewhat set apart by some dense plant growth...

And the face, "In memory of my wife":

And the top half of the obelisk:

From Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester:

James Douglas Reid
Born Edinburgh
Died New York
A pioneer of the telegraph and its first superintendent
Friend and associate of Morse
A kindly gentleman of beautiful character and stainless life
This monument was erected 1914 by telegraphers in appreciation and loving memory of his unselfish helpfulness.

From Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse:

Lewis H. Redfield: Printer

The rest of his epitaph:
A worn and battered form,
Gone to be re-cast,
More beautiful and perfect.

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