20 October 2010


Doh. Completely missed 2 days in a row, doubling my disappointment yesterday of missing 1 day. Time to make up for it! So in theme with my 'oops,' a couple headstones that seem to have good odds of having typos in the name.

From Walnut Grove Cemetery, Syracuse:

I know people have been naming their kids funky things since the dawn of time, probably, but which is more likely? "Hairm," or a misspelled and much more common "Hiram"?

From Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester:

Electa or Electra? I wonder...

And from South Onondaga Cemetery:

Not a full on typo, but the letter M usually does not have the little prongs of an E poking out from it.

1 comment:

  1. enjoying your cemetery postings esp since I have visited many of them.
    As for electa or electra. It could be either. Electa is a completely acceptable name during that time frame. Hairm I'm not so sure of.